Enthusiasm for steel construction is our motivation. It has been for over 60 years.

In the Best Tradition

Durability is the key word when it comes to our innovative steel products. But durability also describes our history. Because Stahlbau Lüttewitz GmbH has been designing and building high-quality steel structures for over half a century. We create supporting and load carrying structures to meet our customers’ requirements down to the smallest detail.
Today the company is profiting from its years of experience, which is appreciated by customers all over Europe. A motivated team of specialists with state-of-the-art equipment will continue to impress with top performance in the future.


Foundation of a machine and tractor station

The history of our company started with the founding of a Machine and Tractor Station in Mochau in the early 50s

In the late 50s the company was converted into a PGH (trade cooperative)


Foundation of VEB Stahlbau Lüttewitz

  • Starting in 1972, forced nationalization and founding of VEB Stahlbau Lüttewitz
  • Steel construction exports begin into the former Soviet Union as well as the Western non-Socialist monetary system
  • After the political change and introduction of the market economy the Stahlbau LüttewitzRoßwein GmbH was formed in 1990


Construction of a new production hall

In January 1994, Hyrum Alius became the main shareholder and sole General Manager of Stahlbau Lüttewitz-Roßwein Gmbh and made major investments, including the construction of a new production hall and the modernization of the entire machinery.



Stahlbau Lüttewitz-Roßwein GmbH merges with Alius Compact GmbH and becomes Stahlbau Lüttewitz-Roßwein GmbH



Addition to the management – Silke Otto is named general manager


New construction

2007 sees the construction of a new office building and the completion of our technical equipment.


Change of name

Change of name to “Stahlbau Lüttewitz GmbH



Stahlbau Lüttewitz GmbH merges with Alius GmbH and becomes Stahlbau Lüttewitz GmbH, branch Rittmitz.


New management

Since 09/20/2016, Stahlbau Lüttewitz GmbH has been led by a new general manager, Andreas Gerth.


Stahlbau Lüttewitz GmbH

Leschen 29
04720 Döbeln

Member of the Chemnitz Chamber of Crafts

Certificate DIN EN 1090

Member of the German Steel Construction Association

TÜV certified according to ISO 9001 and SCCP