Entrepreneurs’ meeting motto “Metal construction meets renewable energies”

January 23, 2023by luettewitz

At an entrepreneurs’ breakfast last autumn, Andreas Gerth, Managing Director of Stahlbau Lüttewitz GmbH, came up with the idea for an industry meeting in Döbeln.

With the help of our team from #Economic Development, this could now take place today under the motto “Metal construction meets renewable energies”. On the company premises, seven regional entrepreneurs met District Administrator Dirk Neubauer, the 1st Deputy Dr. Lothar Beier and head of department Kerstin Kunze together.

During an impressive factory tour, Mr. Gerth proved that steel construction doesn’t have to be cold and gray. The 80-strong company not only manufactures everything from a single source, but also generates 80 percent of its energy needs at peak times with its own PV systems.

After an intensive exchange among each other, it quickly became clear that the entrepreneurs are dealing with many different topics and that good ideas are needed to be well positioned for the future.

Conclusion: everyone wants to get involved and meet regularly from now on Of course, you can also find the latest news about network and company meetings online at: www.wirtschaft-in-mittelsachsen.de


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